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The Rules of the Game

Hello traveler! Welcome to :iconthecritiquables:.

some simple rules:

:bulletblue: Submissions are accepted only in the "Submission" folder

:bulletblue: mature content is surely allowed, with a tag.

:bulletblue: If you submit art, you will need to comment/critique on works featured in "Unappreciated works"
and comment on the journal with the title of the work or link

:bulletblue: Each work submitted will get one critique/comment from the Admin

:bulletblue: If either party (writer/criticizer) is rude, I want you to contact ME (shehrozeameen)and I'll deal with it.

:bulletblue: We are accepting AdminM so if you are interested, Note shehrozeameen!

:bulletblue: all the regular dA rules apply

:bulletred: Here is the Link to the present unappreciated feature!…

Folder information:

:bulletyellow: GiD / DiD / Mature; Guy or Damsel in Distress. This means somebody is in peril.
I think "mature" speaks for itself really.
:bulletyellow: OC = original characters so for when YOU have created your characters
:bulletyellow: Fanfic: for fictions with character created by somebody else
:bulletyellow: The one Shot folders are for stories that only have the 1 part that you want to submit
:bulletyellow: Chapter stories folders are for when you have written/are writing a piece that consists out more then 1 piece.
:bulletyellow: Poetry is where all the poems and the like go.

:bulletyellow: Featured is the folder where a work we feel should be appreciated, goes

:bulletpurple:If you have any questions, suggestion or issues please don't hesitate to let us know :bulletpurple:
The new feature is up now! The works for the month of April 2014 are:

Let's Talk about HappinessWhat does it mean to be happy?
The word "happy" is denoted as being: characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy. So, what does this definition mean? Is it one shared by every person? How can this mental state be transformed into one that is physical?
The majority of people are aware of the phrase, "the pursuit of happiness". Being happy is what every person strives for and works towards, yet most people go their entire lives without ever feeling that they achieved true happiness. It's unfortunate, but nonetheless true. And then, there are those that give up on pursuing happiness because it seems like a goal that is impossible to reach; as well as others who consider happiness to be a foreign concept. Why is this so?
In my opinion, happiness is not an unattainable state. Happiness comes in many forms and each person experiences it in multiple ways. The trick is to stop believing that happiness is a tangible product that m
My friend has multiple rows of teeth.
Like a shark.
He yells at lots of people,
and he is my friend.
Sometimes, he sits in his office,
and breaks pencils,
one at a time.
My friend is two people.
One is called Mr. Agreeable.
Mr. Agreeable tries to solve everything.
He tries to be your friend too.
Mr. Agreeable assures me
that there is a way to solve problems
without destroying anything.
The other person is called Mr. Fixer.
Mr. Fixer is concerned about
not being rolled over.
He will make sure nothing
bad happens to him.
He’s less concerned with other people.
Mr. Fixer is also my friend.
I talk to him sometimes.
His jaw and tongue move,
but his teeth do the talking.
They tell me terrifying things.
They tell me that the true professional
is the one that doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.
I’m happy to have such a good friend.
Heart SongI am conscious of
Getting everything in my body going.
I can control everything in it as I need it
And perceive in it every single touch.
I love my heart as it is.
I am certain of loving it.
In my spiritual hand I take it gently
And I always pay attention to it.
It bounces and flutters in my hand,
Almost up to its edge.
My heart is beating incredibly wild
And I give it a calming picture.
With loving words I talk to it:
In a relaxed, peaceful tranquility may you serve my body.
I am full of gratitude in me,
All this love belongs to you.
You have always provided my body good
And I admire your everlasting courage.
In all fears, in all fright
You have been always awakened.
Through my body you pump the blood,
Even at very extreme anger.
All that always in love to me,
For this I thank thee.
I need all my life
Your everlasting song.
Until I have accomplished my work on Earth
And my soul will set out.
Please accompany me with all your strength,
Until the path is reached.
Till then, I will join
Loving LifeTrue love of life knows
No time, shines its light on you
And lives in your heart.
Used Brooms for Sale by bookloverblue SpelunkingOn this night, like any other night, I retire to my chambers. It's been another tiring, awful day. I know I will not sleep well alone; I can predict it accurately now. So, I rely on the valerian mixture to drag me there again.
It's the only way for me now.
I've previously taken a nice volume from the library—I always avoid love stories. The draught comes quickly, the maid accustomed to delivering it. As I drink it, I take a good sip, as much as my tongue can bear. The flavor is more bitter than usual, so much so that it smarts.
Somehow, immediately, I know that something is very wrong.
The unsavory taste lingers in my mouth. My chest twists and contorts, arresting my throat. I wheeze for air, but it does me no good. I try to rise, and I do, but my strength is betraying me. I fall to my knees, hacking and fighting for mercy. And then, it comes out—filthy, dark bile and my finished supper.
And then, I'm overwhelmed by a savage
In The Name of GoodWould you staple my hands together...
And keep silent my wanton lips?
Or verse me in the nature of my own being?
For it is always He that knows best.
Shall you drown me in wasted water for undefined sins, or
Grip my neck and bend me before a phantom image of zealous men?
Or mutilate me in the name of Good?
Choice is only for those who give way to the absolute,
All others are subjugates.
Serenade No.13Crushing waves
My heart is aching
Moonlight strikes
I am just awaking
Haven`t seen the sunlight in so long
Ocean full of time so endless
Waves break emotions cold and reckless
How long since I saw your pretty face
Rainstorm soaks the world in water
Leaves me numb
I just don`t bother
Why is it that I can`t stop focusing on you?
Thunder`s eating up the sky
Broke an angle`s wings to fly
Reflections of your shadows in my room
Ticking of an broken clock
Five to midnight when it got stuck
An alarming sign that I might lose it soon?
I live here so non existing
Whispering my screams
Are you listening?
My souls voice has turned silent way too soon
Forever and eternity
Your love will be a part of me
Broken splinters of my hearts bloody tears
How long until it disappears?
Can`t you see I am crying for the moon?
Your knives blade went much too deep
It`s now something I will always keep
Believe me
Time is not a friend of mine
All that I can`t understand
My desire burns me to my end
Shame on you
I w

Members will have to comment on the pieces in this feature and give the link or name of the work they have critiqued/commented on as a comment on the Journal. Without commenting, works will not be accepted. The rules are as follows:

1. One work commented allows submission for a week

2. Two works commented allow submission for two weeks

3. Three works commented allow submission for the month

4. Critiques have to be constructive and helpful. One liner critiques will not be considered

5. You cannot comment on your own work

6. This feature allows submissions only for the month

Lastly, the works are chosen by us based on different factors. Yes, not all works are what you might consider unappreciated works but since your work will be accepted AFTER you have commented on/critiqued some works, it is fair that you get some reward. The more you comment, the more you are allowed to submit. The more are your chances of being featured. I hope that enjoy submitting!
More Journal Entries


Travelers Passing Through

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PaleAuthor 6 days ago  New member Student Writer
I'm so excited about this group, I really hope I'll be accepted!

 La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
NotenSMSK 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aha :hug: I hope you will enjoy your stay :) Also, it seems the rules are clear to you? Looking forward to your submissions (if you haven't submitted already) :la:
shehrozeameen 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
:) Welcome to the group.
PaleAuthor 6 days ago  New member Student Writer
Ooh yay! :happybounce: La la la la  I will try really hard to be a good member!
shehrozeameen 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
:) I look forward to it.
bookloverblue Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Do you accept scripts?
shehrozeameen Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
we do.

write a critique on any one of the works in this journal, and paste your comment. Your works will not be accepted until this prerequisite has been fulfilled.
bookloverblue Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
One prerequisite, coming right up!

Is the rule one comment per submission, or just one overall? Of course, I do plan to leave more feedback on other pieces!

Also, which folder would I submit scripts to?
shehrozeameen Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer…

and this is the journal in question.

And to your final question: Its the "submissions" folder.
shehrozeameen Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This comment link should be placed in the journal. Not the group's comments.
Its one per deviation from that journal. The more you critique, the more you can submit.
Just paste the link on the journal "Underappreciated Works Feature #8" and your good to go. Its a good critique. Its on the main page. You can't miss it.
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