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The Rules of the Game

Hello traveler! Welcome to :iconthecritiquables:.

some simple rules:

:bulletblue: Submissions are accepted only in the "Submission" folder

:bulletblue: mature content is surely allowed, with a tag.

:bulletblue: If you submit art, you will need to comment/critique on works featured in "Unappreciated works"
and comment on the journal with the title of the work or link

:bulletblue: Each work submitted will get one critique/comment from the Admin

:bulletblue: If either party (writer/criticizer) is rude, I want you to contact the Admin and they'll deal with it.

:bulletblue: We are accepting Admins so if you are interested, Note NotenSMSK!

:bulletblue: all the regular dA rules apply

:bulletred: Here is the Link to the present unappreciated feature!…

Folder information:

:bulletyellow: GiD / DiD / Mature; Guy or Damsel in Distress. This means somebody is in peril.
I think "mature" speaks for itself really.
:bulletyellow: OC = original characters so for when YOU have created your characters
:bulletyellow: Fanfic: for fictions with character created by somebody else
:bulletyellow: The one Shot folders are for stories that only have the 1 part that you want to submit
:bulletyellow: Chapter stories folders are for when you have written/are writing a piece that consists out more then 1 piece.
:bulletyellow: Poetry is where all the poems and the like go.

:bulletyellow: Featured is the folder where a work we feel should be appreciated, goes

:bulletpurple:If you have any questions, suggestion or issues please don't hesitate to let us know :bulletpurple:
I sincerely apologize to all the members for the absence of the October Feature. Completely forgot about it. ^^;

The submissions for the month of November are as follows:


On Helplessness and AntipathyWhat of this love in which kind hearts know no bounds?
Walking on roads; drained, stained, without hopes and dreams -
What is there to wish for? There are none, it seems
Who will know of felicity's serene sounds.
This life... is worth living? held back like a hound -
To be battered, bruised, always flowing in streams.
What of this love in which kind hearts know no bounds?
To care for those we love, but none hear our screams?
Alas, such woe was never meant to hold grounds -
These stains are not to be known, nor to be seen.
Triumph against these odds, happiness supreme!
For all this we are known, but are never crowned
What of this love in which kind hearts know no bounds?
To care for those we love, but none hear our screams?
white smokeLines (inclusive of spaces): 33
By the promise of the moon, that shines
Among the stars, where our ancestors stand
by the brave, the ancients.
There does our path lead us, to the paths
Where our spirits embrace platitudes held as truth:
We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth
Harken, oh heavens above, to the calls of the elders.
The white smoke carries the spirit to the heavens
Raised was the call, as the ashes burns
burns the remains, a sacrifice, to call out
for a moment... calm; the moon's translucence
All sing with the elder, beckoning you
farewell; we watch, as your spirit finds peace
It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story
Thus do we cry, dearly departed:
The white smoke carries the spirit to the heavens
The smoke disappears, as the mist embraces the skies
And I recall what the ancestors had told me:
When you die, you will be spoken of as those in the sky, like the stars.
Thus is the prayer answered:
By t



Twinkling Sylvie and her BabyJohn was employed at a forwarding agency as a truck driver. Usually, he had to pick up parcels no matter how big they were, even pallets and machinery in wooden frame boxes.
Today, the sun was shining from the sky. No wind troubled the air. John was happy. Probably he could be at home sooner. Possibly, he also could take his wife with him on the tour. Sylvie was pregnant and attending her baby. Oh, how sweet and calming it was to keep his ears to her stomach and to listen to the little movements the little one made.
Officially, it was not allowed to take private people on a truck tour. But he decided that all three should spent a nice day together. It was John's birthday today and he wanted to celebrate it with his wife and unborn child.
He drove home with the truck to pick up his family. His pregnant wife entered the truck and both went to visit all the customers where he had to stop by for delivery. Sylvie was shading her eyes with sunglasses. When she became pregnant, she really got
Yours is Mine- Your fortune!
- No!
- I kill you!
Golden BeachesThe panorama over the sea and the clear view.
The listening to the ocean waves which find their end ashore,
Finishing their far journey across the sea.
The golden sand – spread over kilometers –
Along the wide beaches ends plain and flat in the ocean.
The palm-trees tower up and dispense some shade.
The soul relaxed, the legs dangling free to and fro.
Smile and laughter cover all the face.
Summer is beautiful.
Time of recreation and refreshment.
Everywhere are happy and blissful people.
Each of them is touched by the sun without exception.
But it can be endured easier
When the sea breeze blows over the island.
A real treat all along the line; everything is free and fine.
In the evening, the sun bends to the horizon and the colors change.
A romantic scenery approaches and all fears and worries perish in it.
The sun is only half to see, with intensive colors,
Like a red-golden fireball that lies down into the sea-water at the horizon.
It is a successful day and an unforgettab


[Stella] The Savage Beast: Ch. 1Ever have one of those days where your mind just blanks out and entire lengths of time pass where you aren't aware of what's going on?  That must've been what happened to me today, because I surely had no other explanation of how I found myself on a cobblestone path, passing underneath the foliage of different kinds of trees.  But the day was warm and sunny with a few fluffy clouds in the sky, so I guess things could've been worse.  Around me, I could hear the sounds of children laughing and playing...I must've ended up in a city park.  But exactly why I was here continued to elude my mind; I didn't have any recollection of planning to go to a park today, but figured that if I was here, it had to be for a reason.  Hoping that I'd spot something to help jog my memory, I continued walking along the path, continuously panning the landscape with my eyes.  Nothing about the park seemed unusual.  But I wish I'd paid a little more attention to


When We Dead Sing.Whenever I think of Death, I picture a fleshless form, buried inside a hovering and torn black cloak; a face with gaunt features and sunken eye sockets, empty of emotion and meat, long, knuckled fingers cradling skulls like infants, while the dead behind him sing. And then I remember it’s the twenty-first century and that he might come as a handsome man wearing a black suit, driving a black, classic shiny Chevy Bel Air and drinking Dalmore whiskey from crystal-made glasses, the kind that ring when you snap them with your finger.
I never pictured him like this.
There’s only one thing I like about this world, and that’s the sky. The feeling of soaring above anything that holds you down, of touching the endless blue hue with wings that are not even your own, of effortlessly gliding—hanging, lingering—between two worlds, one so different than the other. The way you can see how small you are: a speck drowning in all the vastness; the way you can realize how suf


Man With A Gun
So he found my wallet,
and gave it back to me.
My money was gone,
so I yelled at him.
Then he gave me his own money,
to replace the missing money,
so I punched him.
He apologized and I kicked him.
I hurt my foot kicking him,
I couldn’t walk home anymore,
so he offered me a cab ride home.
I put him through a window.
He kept me company all the way back,
while I screamed at him non-stop
for the duration of the trip.
Then when we got to my apartment,
he opened the door for me
and I shot him.
You have to understand, officer,
it’s the WAY he did it.
Happy Happy
Take these drugs and feel the fun,
smile once and then you’re done.
Click our ad and try your luck,
elation-fit, and then you’re stuck.
For just another little dime
be happy, happy, all the time.
Melancholy’s for the saps,
put your boredom in our traps.
Once you need a stronger fix,
Give us money, get your kicks.
Hear our pitch, ignore the slime,
be happy, happy, all the time.
Real worlds do not exist,
lance that sadness like a cyst,
Make your own world, make it true,
Use our rules, made just for you.
Where sadness is the biggest crime,
be happy, happy all the time.
Stranger Words
We are never talk so well,
Things to say we cannot tell.
Words from small to bigger man,
learn to live, while living can.
Face with eyes and mouth don’t move,
Nothing saying, does not prove.
If you hearing through the fuzz,
learn to be, while being does.
Where beyond the quiet place,
search to see the change of face,
use your time left just to see,
be a living, live to free.
leaving now, but hear before,
easy caring, to ignore.
Do not to hear these words ban,
learn to love, while loving can.

Now, the rules:

• One critique allows you to submit one deviations, two critiques allows you to submit three deviations and three critiques or more allows you to submit five deviations for the whole month.
• You have to link/thumb the work which you have provided a critique on, to this journal.
• It is not compulsory but will be appreciated if you mention “This critique is on behalf of TheCritiquables” in your critique.

One pint though:

• Number of deviations featured is based on how many critiques are given – they are equal to the number of critiques – one up till three.

this particular rule was not applied in the case of this September feature to tell everyone that this group appreciates critiques. So everyone will be given a chance to provide something in return for your work being given exposure to help you improve as a writer.

With that said, if your work was accepted, but you did not provide critique on any works featured in this journal, then you will be provided a reminder about the absence of critiques from your side. For those who had provided critiques in September and October, separate your links of September with October - put another way, I would appreciate links to your comments which you made in September and October, and would also like to see critiques for the month of November as well. :)
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So, the works for the month of June are:



The LAFTAW Agents - Alternative Character Intros by bookloverblue The LAFTAW Agents - The Hunt is On by bookloverblue
Spelunking by Fundelstein Masquerade by Fundelstein There's Lots of Splendor in Serkonos by Fundelstein
UNFINISHED: Night by mjponso Consequence by mjponso [Amy] Burn, Baby, Burn: Ch. 1 by mjponso
Now, the rules for submission are as follows:
• One critique allows you to submit one deviations, two critiques allows you to submit three deviations and three critiques or more allows you to submit five de

2) on your critique, add about 100 more words. Describe what it meant for you, whether you feel that it can be improved. Things like any line which stood out and why, or whether there was some book or concept from the poem which you really liked as it evoked a nostalgia or something. And finally, on an ending note, what was the take home message you got from the poem.

3) Copy the link of your comment (click on the "comment" link on the header of the comment) and paste it onto the journal which has been linked.

4) Then you can submit.

And it isn't a stupid question. Its an FAQ we get often, don't worry about it. Follow these steps and you'll be fine.

By the way, Welcome to the group :)
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