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The Rules of the Game

Hello traveler! Welcome to :iconthecritiquables:.

some simple rules:

:bulletblue: Submissions are accepted only in the "Submission" folder

:bulletblue: mature content is surely allowed, with a tag.

:bulletblue: If you submit art, you will need to comment/critique on works featured in "Unappreciated works"
and comment on the journal with the title of the work or link

:bulletblue: Each work submitted will get one critique/comment from the Admin

:bulletblue: If either party (writer/criticizer) is rude, I want you to contact the Admin and they'll deal with it.

:bulletblue: We are accepting Admins so if you are interested, Note NotenSMSK!

:bulletblue: all the regular dA rules apply

:bulletred: Here is the Link to the present unappreciated feature!…

Folder information:

:bulletyellow: GiD / DiD / Mature; Guy or Damsel in Distress. This means somebody is in peril.
I think "mature" speaks for itself really.
:bulletyellow: OC = original characters so for when YOU have created your characters
:bulletyellow: Fanfic: for fictions with character created by somebody else
:bulletyellow: The one Shot folders are for stories that only have the 1 part that you want to submit
:bulletyellow: Chapter stories folders are for when you have written/are writing a piece that consists out more then 1 piece.
:bulletyellow: Poetry is where all the poems and the like go.

:bulletyellow: Featured is the folder where a work we feel should be appreciated, goes

:bulletpurple:If you have any questions, suggestion or issues please don't hesitate to let us know :bulletpurple:
The (belated) unappreciated works feature is up (finally!)

The new works for the month of March are:


Full Hazmat
A simple hill,
covered in dandelions.
A small brown dog
chases nothing in particular.
Beyond the crest of the hill,
the sun reflects off a white spot.
The spot becomes a man’s head.
The man’s head becomes a man,
becomes eight men,
all in white hazmat suits.
They gently strode across the field,
one foot at a time,
as if they’re on the moon.
They are careful not to disturb the flowers.
The dog stops to watch the men,
and one of the men stops
to scratch the dog behind the ears.
The dog does not respond.
The men in full hazmat
leave the hill,
still on their way.
Elephant To English
Translation from baby to English:
Who are all these people
looking at me?
I don’t like this very much.
No! Don’t pick me up!
I have a sensitive stomach!
…Oh dear…
Translation from elephant to English:
What’s… is that a rifle?
Oh, please, not again!
Translation from dog to English:
Hey, those people got a baby…
…should I eat it?
I mean, why else would they bring it here?
I-I better wait.
I’ll see what happens in a few years.
Translation from rock to English:

Translation from panda to English:
Why are they putting up curtains around my home?
Oh please, not again!
Translation from hippopotamus to English:
Hey, Fred, check out the photographer.
What is he, National Geographic?
Betcha I can kill him.
Just don’t spook him.
Check this out.
Translation from fish to English:
Doesn’t anybody carry spring water?
I’ve had nothing but salt water for six months!
This is disgusting!
Translation from human to English:
There was a lamp.
It radiated frost,
and shot sparks of fission.
I sat in my car
hoping the radiator
would burn a little hotter.
The engine started
and the lights stuttered
unable to decide.
There was a lamp
casting its shadow
through scattered snowflakes.
I sat in my car
and hummed to myself,
hoping my breath would warm me.
The engine started
and begged for air
as my lungs did the same.
There was a lamp
reflecting off my roof
and back into itself.
I sat in my car.
My chair wrapped around me,
As I sunk into foam rubber
The engine started
grasping for keys
hoping for redemption.
There was a lamp
shining emergency beacons,
a song of lights and no audience.
I sat in my car
and my body turned to
gasoline and ice.
The engine started,
and hummed to itself,
hoping its breath would warm me.


Now, the rules for submission are as follows:
* One critique allows you to submit one deviations, two critiques allows you to submit three deviations and three critiques or more allows you to submit five deviations for the whole month.
* You have to link/thumb the work which you have provided a critique on, to this journal.
* Number of deviations featured is based on how many critiques are given – they are equal to the number of critiques – one up till three.
It is not compulsory but will be appreciated if you mention “This critique is on behalf of TheCritiquables” in your critique.

If you have any further questions, do ask – we will update them.

Happy submitting :) Cheers.
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Criminal Master Mind


Second In Command





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i already commented on a unnapreciated work malintra-shadowmoon.deviantart…
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1) Go here:  Unappreciated Works Feature #17 (new format)hi everyone :wave:
I do sincerely apologize for the temporary closing of the submissions folder. :raincloud: Really, really sorry for the inconvenience.
The new feature for the month of June is up.
And this time with some restructuring as well as a new layout that might be easier for everyone to follow :dummy:
*people's response*
So, the works for the month of June are:



The LAFTAW Agents - Alternative Character Intros by bookloverblue The LAFTAW Agents - The Hunt is On by bookloverblue
Spelunking by Fundelstein Masquerade by Fundelstein There's Lots of Splendor in Serkonos by Fundelstein
UNFINISHED: Night by mjponso Consequence by mjponso [Amy] Burn, Baby, Burn: Ch. 1 by mjponso
Now, the rules for submission are as follows:
• One critique allows you to submit one deviations, two critiques allows you to submit three deviations and three critiques or more allows you to submit five de

2) on your critique, add about 100 more words. Describe what it meant for you, whether you feel that it can be improved. Things like any line which stood out and why, or whether there was some book or concept from the poem which you really liked as it evoked a nostalgia or something. And finally, on an ending note, what was the take home message you got from the poem.

3) Copy the link of your comment (click on the "comment" link on the header of the comment) and paste it onto the journal which has been linked.

4) Then you can submit.

And it isn't a stupid question. Its an FAQ we get often, don't worry about it. Follow these steps and you'll be fine.

By the way, Welcome to the group :)
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