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The Rules of the Game

Hello traveler! Welcome to :iconthecritiquables:.

some simple rules:

:bulletblue: Submissions are accepted only in the "Submission" folder

:bulletblue: mature content is surely allowed, with a tag.

:bulletblue: If you submit art, you will need to comment/critique on works featured in "Unappreciated works"
and comment on the journal with the title of the work or link

:bulletblue: Each work submitted will get one critique/comment from the Admin

:bulletblue: If either party (writer/criticizer) is rude, I want you to contact the Admin and they'll deal with it.

:bulletblue: We are accepting Admins so if you are interested, Note NotenSMSK!

:bulletblue: all the regular dA rules apply

:bulletred: Here is the Link to the present unappreciated feature!…

Folder information:

:bulletyellow: GiD / DiD / Mature; Guy or Damsel in Distress. This means somebody is in peril.
I think "mature" speaks for itself really.
:bulletyellow: OC = original characters so for when YOU have created your characters
:bulletyellow: Fanfic: for fictions with character created by somebody else
:bulletyellow: The one Shot folders are for stories that only have the 1 part that you want to submit
:bulletyellow: Chapter stories folders are for when you have written/are writing a piece that consists out more then 1 piece.
:bulletyellow: Poetry is where all the poems and the like go.

:bulletyellow: Featured is the folder where a work we feel should be appreciated, goes

:bulletpurple:If you have any questions, suggestion or issues please don't hesitate to let us know :bulletpurple:
Hey everybody :wave:

So... on behalf of :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: and myself... I'M HOSTING A CONTEST!!! :squee:

Just the "Ode to Joy" the vocal portion is important. The rest is for all symphony affectionados.

Point is, ladies and gentlemen, that I have - through the blessings of the Lepracauns of Ireland, the awesome power of Germany's strict regimentation, and the laziness brought about by my studies, hot Hamburg girls, curries, and from being at the last leg of my semester before I leave for Pakistan - managed to procure a certain amount of points for this contest.

Its called:


So basically, what is in a writer's arsenal? Is it poems? Is it prose? Is it both? Is there anything else which also important for a writer?

To me, I think that its both poems and prose (with specializations being either towards poems, or prose) but one more key element: What we read. And in that respect, what we read most tends to come from books, or what's posted online. So, when we think of what's posted

online, what do we have? We have what's posted on poemhunter (classical works anyway), hellopoetry, writer's cafe and


DevianTART by claremanson

Oh, by the way claremanson (the one who baked that delicious desert with the dA logo) I'm envious. That's one good looking thing you got there. :)

In that respect, dA's the biggest forum of poems and prose you can find! And it has been one very big inspiration for me too. I don't know about you, but my interactions here with people, has become a very important part of my life. I'm usually ghosting around here on dA, looking at these wonderful works which catch my eye. Whether its from my watchers, or any random person's work I read from time to time, its inspiring how much you people have helped broaden my horizons. 

And so... partly to return the favour to everyone who has helped me over the years here, and partly because such contests seem like fun, here's what A Writer's Arsenal.

So, without further ado, here're the rules!

You have two categories:

  1. Poems
  2. Prose
In poems, I have the following in mind:

  1. Traditional forms only: the forms which you can pick are one of the following
    1. Villanelles: 19 line French form composed of two refrains. For those who would like information regarding Villanelles, here's one link and here's two examples:  Still I Weep, Lest I DieAnd still I weep for days gone by,
      Laying in a puddle of tears.
      How long shall I lie here lest I die?
      You dance in the corner of my eye,
      Dancing as you've done for years.
      And still I weep for days gone by.
      Oh, how you laugh joyfully as I cry
      Kicking around my fears.
      How long shall I lie here lest I die?
      Upon your sickening maddness I rely,
      Avoiding your painful leers.
      And still I weep for days gone by.
      You look me in the face as you lie
      The words ringing in my ears.
      How long shall I lie here lest I die?
      More tears wet, less skin dry.
      I show myself, you disappear.
      And still I weep for days gone by.
      How long shall I lie here lest I die?
       and  whispering of the trees which leave me forlornChicanery, subterfuge, had hardly a place in the streets of this honest borough (Thomas Hardy)
      Whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn
      whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn;
      A darkness, enshrouding, that holds me astray -
      Tread gently, my dear, through this passage of thorns.
      From upwards the trees beseech seasons, reborn
      of creation, our kind, is called out by day
      whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn
      Is this what we have sought, for which we are torn?
      Be wary, these skies whisper of our way
      Tread gently, my dear, through this passage of thorns.
      There, thus do we seek those sad dreams, as one, worn
      as a cloak, as we keep our woes at bay
      whispering of the trees which leave me forlorn
      Wild are these yearnings, lost to anger and scorn
      Vitality is a trick, lost in time, pray
      Tread gently, my dear, through this passage of thorns.
      For you, my dream, are my pride, for whom I mourn
      passing moments, gone, to you I hope to say
      whispering of the trees which leave me forl
    2. Sonnets: For more information, I recommend going to :iconcrowns-of-sonnets: or anything from this: May Sonnet Challenge by Parsat.
    3. Rubai: Persian form, made famous by Edward Fitzgerald in the English language. here's some instruction on how to write them. For this contest, Maximum Rubai for a single submission is 3. Here's one example:  'nother RubaiLong has it lingered round my empty soul,
      Hovering like a ghost over a hole
      How unyielding will I forever be?
      Synthetic soul, forever in the cold
    4. Rispetto: Its an eight line format of Italian Origin. Information is found Here. Here's one example of it:  Rispetto: Devour'dWhat sort of hope outlasts such labored breathing,
      Heaving through the mountains like a lost art form,
      Cutting quick the arteries, now bereaving,
      Now enduring, now demanding hope conform?
      Trembling soul, you have not lost the fight till now;
      Give way to every circumstance life allows,
      And carry with you strength that crumbles towers:
      Wait awhile and gain the land which hope devours.
    5. Triolet: French form poem composed of eight lines. Information on writing a triolet can be found here. Here's one example of a triolet:  A Pearl's TrioletI watch miles on end, the emptiness
      These jaded shades of the sea, ancient
      Astray, like shells lost o'er shores ageless
      I watch miles on end, the emptiness
      These shades of blue in numerous hues
      In a lost world, she resides, sentient
      I watch miles on end, the emptiness
      These jaded shades of the sea, ancient
    6. Blank Verse: Blank Verse is often employed in English literature, and (in my opinion anyway) is a very significant English poetic form. Information can be found here. Maximum lines for Blank Verse is 100. Here's one example of a Blank Verse:  Antonio Blank Verse SpeechOh woe is me who loveth unrequited.
      My dearest friend and my abuser: you
      Shall never know my secret most desire.
      When cameth you to me, I could not help
      The joy I felt--that I could be your savior.
      But then, to my most bitter, greatest fear
      I see you need my help to find another.
      Your words, they bite--a whip to my bare flesh,
      A dagger cut straight through my breaking heart!
      If only that you knew perhaps you'd stop
      Sadistic games that rend my very being.
      And yet I never shall reveal my love.
      Of all the dreads I harbor--most I fear
      Is not that you shall never share my bed
      Or that you'll one day share it with a wife--
      But should you see my true self, yearning so,
      Then you'll prove crueler than thy sharpest knife
      And make me taste the bitter steel without
      Allowing me one grace--a final strike.
      Perhaps a day will come when you shall see
      Not just a friend, but Juliet in thee.
    7. Haiku: Japanese form. Needs no introduction. I believe everyone's familiar with it.
    8. Tanka: Japanese form. 5 lines. Information found here. One example of a Tanka is here:  Tanka # 2affection transcends
      seraph or adversary.
      a fallen angel
      is preferable to none -
      doubtless even devils love.
    9. Sijo: Korean Form. 3 lines. Information found here. One example of a Sijo is here:  Une promenade - A walk (a sijo)J'avais compté deux paniers repas pour notre promenade,
      ton dessert favori avec du miel frais de montagne.
      Seul dans l'herbe bleue je n'ai plus faim maintenant - une marmotte
      I had packed two picnic baskets for our romantic walk
      and your favourite french dessert made with fresh mountain honey
      alone in the blue grass I am no longer hungry - a marmot

      Frantz, April 2013
  2. I'm not particular about the meter (Iambic, Anapest etc.), but the syllable count must be maintained. With the exception of Blank Verse - where I'm allowing 12 syllables per line - and the Eastern variety (Haiku, Tanka, and Sijo), the rest should be between 10 to 11 syllables per line. For those who want to maintain the syllable count, they're welcome to. Its between 10 to 12 syllables per line. As for the Eastern Varieties (Haiku, Tanka, Sijo), you can keep them free verse if you want to. They must, nevertheless, follow their respective rules. I expect a triolet to be a triolet, a rubai to be a rubai, etc.
  3. I'm not particular about themes, so long as you are able to:
    1. Keep a concrete narration, whether it be a story progressing, or whether it is a monologue of a person. It should have a defined beginning and ending.
    2. Portray the theme clearly. If you have a problem with writing rhymed poems, feel free to use Blank Verse, because the theme should be something you can either relate with, or are able to represent fluently.
    3. Be honest with what you've written.
    4. Not revert to erotica. Flirting with erotic themes is permitted so long as it is subtle.
  4. You are limited to a submission of ONE poem only.
Which is where the second category comes in:

Prose is something which, in my opinion, doesn't have any fixed rules to follow, as was the case in Poems. In that respect, I'm keeping a few (but necessary) rules for prose.
  1. The prose submission should be between 2500-5000 words.
  2. The themes, however, are much more restrictive in this category:
    1. Metaphysical/Surreal: If your prose is based on a real life experience that - say - is based on a nightmare, or an experience so vivid, it almost felt real, or if it had "rattled" your soul significantly, that it does haunt you from time to time, then this is the category it belongs to. Amongst the prose I've read, the one which I tend to revert back to is this:  The Queen of Nightmares
      I could never understand just what I saw that night when I went to bed. To this day, I couldn’t tell whether it was a bad dream...or a sinister memory.
      The night ended like most other nights. I got back from the university library at closing time and made my way back into the frosty night. The white mist hovered in front of my mouth like a little ghost, making me shiver slightly. I couldn’t wait to get warm and go to bed. The boulevard seemed to stretch on forever even though it only took about ten minutes to find the house at the end of it. I reached into my pocket and extracted my key, unlocking the front door and letting myself be bathed in the yellow light near the kitchen. Kicking off my shoes at the entrance and putting them on the shelf, I put on my house slippers and trod softly up the stairs to my room.
      I dropped my school bag on the bed before dropping out of my jacket and jumper and descending the carpeted stairs to have a bowl of noodles for a light dinner. My l
    2. Brutal Honesty: If your prose is a stream of consciousness, is a vent of emotions bursting out, and is uncensored in how it portrays what you feel, then this is the category it belongs to. Amongst the prose I've read, the one which I tend to revert back to is this:  A Love Letter To Nobody
      So, I’m really drunk again. This is when the tortured words seem to come the easiest. They flow out of me. Like thick spit in the rain. Like arterial blood spurting onto the page. They say alcohol brings out the truth and I’m not even going to bother fixing the typos.
      You promised you would never leave me. And now you have broken that promise. It was meant to be forever, it was meant to last through the cold, desolate night. I have tried to replace you, but the deep yearning ache still persists. It has been agony without you.
      I always thought that this was it and I never thought it would end like this. I had found the person that completed me. I had found the one that filled the gaping hole in my soul. Now all it would be is a mercy killing. Put me out of my misery, please. I wouldn’t even feel the blade going in. It is artificial blood, fake and and unconvincing. Bathtub. Razorblades. Freedom. Sleeping forever in a red canoe with hollow walls. Eyes close, never to op
    3. Depression: If your prose simply deals with topics and themes that strongly revert back to depression, then this is the category for you. Amongst the prose I've read, the one which I revert to is:  Strawberry (An ice-cream in December)
      I disassemble –
      heart after limp,
      brain before muscle.
      You hear the pieces fall.
      I disassemble.

      Sometimes, all I can ask for is an itchy blanket over me, and a cup of steaming tea between my calloused fingers, bringing the smell of hot strawberry to my nostrils, until the smile of content overwhelmingly fills my chest. Sometimes, all I can ask for is death.
      I don’t like mornings. I never liked mornings. The sun is mocking – glaring from his heaven to a place grey and heavy with nothing but vanity, and shoving his hard light to all the ugliness around. Night is not like that. Night is beautiful. Night smells of wet leaves and falling stars and wishes forgotten in the sigh of two lips touching. Night brings the twittering song of a hidden cricket, a lullaby lost in the fading dreams of two bodies nesting one in another. Night is not like mornings.
      The breeze is cool tonight – comforting, dancing around the baby blue curtains of the kitchen. The TV plays in
    4. Love: For this prose category, though, I'm not interested in the sappy kind of works. Works which send shivers down a reader's spine, or are so profoundly sincere, that they do elicit - strongly - some form of emotion. And in that respect, two examples which I'm going to give here are:  My Despairing RavenMy eyes fluttered.
      "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll see you tomorrow," I heard them sing.
      The darkness thinned.
      My eyes opened. I couldn't see myself. I was inside, surrounded by blinding lights. I was mad with fever. My body was burning up, and yet I was shuddering violently; only straps kept me from falling into the endless abyss. I felt the sweat pour down my sticky body and soak the bed. I was dressed in white linens…
      Then faces appeared, speaking in a deep language I could not comprehend. Their voices were assuring and warm. But I could not see their faces.
      I was shivering with fever, cold, and fear.
      Was I dying?
      Where was I?
      Please, don't put the lights out!
      I went mad with furious fever forfeiting reason. I snarled like a beast who could tolerate its cage no longer. My forehead and hair rained upon them. Spite and spit: My veins filled with it. I thought I'd burst.
      "NO! NO! NO!" I cried in delirium whilst I thrashed back and forth. "I'm afraid of the Dark! Please, don't
       and Glass-house.
  3. I am not that particular about grammar. However:
    1. It should have a clear narration. At least enough to keep one's attention fixed onto the work from beginning till end.
    2. The choice of words you do use, should reflect not just who you are, but also how these can be related to by the reader.
    3. A tinge of erotic themes are permitted, so long as it doesn't hinder the progression of the story, has been naturally induced between the characters, or is a part of the background which is reflected upon (but not discussed explicitly) by the writer.
  4. One submission permitted.
Which is where the third aspect comes in: Sharing.

You are permitted to submit one deviation to prose, and/or one deviation to poems. However, for each submission, you have to thumb/link three deviations by three independent writers who you have been following, but you feel do not get significant exposure. Their works must follow the theme (for prose) or the form (for poems). Furthermore, you have to link to the comment on all three deviations you will link in your description as well, as proof that you've previously read the work (and by previously, it was made at least one week before you present your entry for this contest). 

If you do not link three deviations with your comment alongside your submission(s), the work will not be accepted.

Now then, I feel that this portion is reflected upon well. So lets get to the prizes. While these will be updated as I get new info, for now, it stands as follows:

First Prize:

8000 :points: from shehrozeameen
1 feature from shehrozeameen, Malintra-Shadowmoon and TheGalleryOfEve
2 critique from shehrozeameen on any deviation of their choice
1 feature on PoetrynProseWatchers
 1 feature on TheCritiquables
1 interview from shehrozeameen

Second Prize:

4000 :points: from shehrozeameen
1 feature from shehrozeameen, Malintra-Shadowmoon and TheGalleryOfEve
1 critique from shehrozeameen on any deviation of their choice
1 feature on PoetrynProseWatchers
1 feature on TheCritiquables

Third Prize:

2400 :points: from shehrozeameen
1 feature from shehrozeameen, Malintra-Shadowmoon and TheGalleryOfEve
1 feature on PoetrynProseWatchers
1 feature on TheCritiquables

4 Honourable Mentions:

300 :points: per Honourable Mention from shehrozeameen
1 feature from shehrozeameen and Malintra-Shadowmoon
1 feature on PoetrynProseWatchers
1 feature on TheCritiquables
Optional: For 20 :points:, a poetry commission from shehrozeameen


1 feature from shehrozeameen
1 feature on PoetrynProseWatchers
1 feature on TheCritiquables

Which now brings us to the deadline:

Your work must be freshly written (if it is before the date of this journal, it will not be accepted). You have till... 15 August to submit your works. From 15 August till 10 September (tentative, but this may be shortened as well depending on the number of participants), the submissions will be scrutinized and analysed to see what they will be awarded.

And below is the list of those who are a part of the judging panel, which is also going to be updated as time progresses: :squee:


Which now brings us to our participants. A separate list will be posted on my profile with the names of the participants. If you want to participate, :note: me with the header "A Writer's Arsenal Participation", and your dA name. Any questions regarding the contest will be answered in the comments section of this journal.

So... happy writing, fellow participants. I look forward to reading your works.
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