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The Writing Project

Fri Oct 12, 2012, 2:41 AM by cee69

Good day, traveler and welcome in our humble corner. We are TheCritiquables and wish to help you with whatever quest you may be on.
Do not hesitate to ask our help, for we well know how hard any chosen path can be. Take a drink and tell us of your issues, only then may a problem be solved in peace and quietness

You are getting this again since it hasn't taken off yet :)

:pointr: This is a project, where we make a story together. We have given you a plot, now it's up to you all to create a story.
There is a little background information given, which is true at the start of the story, this may change during the course of the story. If there are any questions, please send a note to the group. We may make a little FAQ later on, if there are a lot of questions :)

Plot of the story
:bulletyellow:Nymphs and Dragons have made an alliance against the sitting rulers. The main characters of the story are sent to end their rebellion.

:bulletblack: Some background info
:pointr: At least 4 people will go to the Nymphs and Dragons: 2 guys; 2 women
:pointr: Each of these have their own specialty - weapons/combat, healing, geography or magic
:pointr: two of the main characters don't like each other.
May it be obvious, what isn't given here, must be made up by YOU Perhaps the rulers aren't evil, perhaps they are. Perhaps the main characters have a change of heart? Will they rebel against their own king? Or won't they?
Who knows?? We must reveal the story in order to find out, won't we?

Must Have Information:
:pointr: Is yet to be entered.

The Rules of the game:if not followed, I will hide the entry and send a note to the author
:bulletyellow: Entry has to be between 100 - 500 words long
:bulletyellow: Your entry must follow the general story line - or at least make sense.
:bulletyellow: Your entry must has to be a logic followup in the rest of the story
:bulletyellow: You are allowed to contribute as much as you like, but there have to be at least 2 entries between the two of you this means: you - somebody else - somebody else - you
:bulletyellow: Though not a must in order for you to contribute, it'd be very much appreciated if you could put this message either in a group or if you can forward this message via your own Journal
:bulletred: You don't have to comment on other deviants to contribute to this story

:bulletyellow: Only comments on this deviation is an entry to the story. If you have questions please send a note to the group:bulletyellow:

Non members are allowed to enter :)
TheCritiquables management

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Submitted on
October 12, 2012